Anonymous asked: Would you draw some cute Kevyn? I miss those days.

Ya.  MMMMore is coming back.  I’m trying to draw myself out of this slump.

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lyssa-bedlam asked: Between Kevyn and Rebecca, this place is a shining beacon of gorgeous, freckled redheads.

A wise man once said: “Tits are life, ass is hometown.”.  If that is true, then freckles are the breadcrumbs.

Anonymous asked: How often do you have to tend to your mistress' sexual urges Little Lacey? What do you typically do?

slaxdump asked: The red house is a good house.

slaxdump asked: You Dutch, Kev?

Anonymous asked: Dicks.

Anonymous asked: What is it you're hearing, Kevyn?

Anonymous asked: Get to it, Sexyface Mouseears.

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